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The arcane mysteries of the occult allow Lucera occasional passage as Witch, Observer, and Participant. She prefers to work in the liminal frenzy of Other, her ecstatic escort in writing, reverie, and ritual. Lucera favors her magick as Folk with a Hellenistic Flair, incorporating both tradition and whimsy. She is honored to share her experience and inspiration by means of word and image and primal wail in the Athenæum.


Poquis is an esoteric artist and occultist with a focus on ancestral magick guided by Hekate. Her artwork is a synergistic interaction between a need to create and magickal praxis. It is the core of her workings, and most of her creations center around inspiration acquired during trance states. Ultimately, she seeks to bridge the gap between the ancient and modern practitioner as well as create a visual dialogue for Athenaeum Azostos.


Genaia de Carrefour

Genaia de Carrefour, witch and devotee of Hekate, exists at the intersection of antiquity and contemporary esoteric worship. Inspired by Pythian priestesses and the stylish vibe of technopaganism, her practice is a personal journey of Darkness & Light, chronicled by words and raw emotion. Devotional prayers, prose petitions, personal essays, and original horror fiction are her offerings. Drink of me, In Nomine Hekate.


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